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The world’s most advanced economies rely on standardised tests to assess visa applicants. As India’s leading Immigration company, we have seen the positive impact of high scores in these tests on work, student and migrant visa applications. GIC EDU Services delivers world-class coaching designed to help you get your best score and boost your chances of achieving your international ambitions. Explore our offerings below:


English Language Proficiency Tests
When international students are seeking admission to any foreign university, they are required to prove their proficiency in English language skills.

Most universities across the world require applicants to provide proof of their proficiency in the English language. This is often mandatory for their admission to courses in these universities. Students going abroad for higher studies are advised to take these tests at least two months before their application to universities abroad. They can take any one of the following tests and submit their scores with their applications to prove their English language proficiency:

  • PTE

  • However, students belonging to English speaking countries are exempted from taking these tests. But students from India are required to give these tests before they move abroad for studies. The three tests IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are the three options students can consider for proving their English proficiency. But they must first check which of these tests are accepted by the universities they are applying to so that they can take the specific test before starting the admission process.

    The scores of all these tests are valid for two years and students can retake these tests as many times as they wish.

    Academic Standardized Tests
    Countries like the USA, Germany, and the UK require that students have proficiency in math to pursue any related field of study. To prove their proficiency, they are required to take certain standardized tests mentioned below:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT

  • Most universities require students to have a decent score in these tests for a positive admission decision. So, students must prepare well for these tests. These tests require good quantitative and logical thinking to score well. They test the student’s verbal ability and quantitative reasoning skills. Students should be prepared thoroughly before taking up these tests.

    GRE and GMAT scores are required for admission to graduate courses and SAT is required for admission to undergraduate courses. The performance in GRE plus your previous academic performance can get you scholarships and grants when pursuing your course.

    Preparation for these tests will be a lot better if students take the help of coaching experts. They will provide comprehensive, rigorous and well-designed training to help students succeed. The coaching helps build a strong foundation in English or Math skills to help students tackle these tests efficiently.